Museums in Virginia

Virginia is an absolutely beautiful state to visit in the United States. It has some very deep history that is rooted into the United States as well, so it is no wonder that there are tons of amazing museums to visit while you are in Virginia. There are museums for everyone to visit, and I am sure you can find one that you will really enjoy. Even if you think that museums are boring, Virginia’s vast array of categories in the museums that are in the state will definitely make you rethink this.

The first museum that I will put on this list is one for you if you have kids that want something fun and different to do and a place to explore and do that in. The Children’s Museum of Virginia in Portsmouth is a fantastic place to take children so that they can have fun and actually touch things that will help them learn. There are tons of different exhibits to go through and explore in, and there are actually things in the museum that are hands-on for kids to have fun with.

This next museum is for the person that wants to explore nature and more specifically, the nature that can be found in Virginia. The Virginia Living Museum is an open-air museum, which is the first really cool thing about it. Filled with tons of living exhibits with animals, trees, plants, and all kinds of different natural things from Virginia. The best part is that it is outdoors, so it doesn’t feel like a strange mix of nature that should be outside all crowded under a roof. This museum is a very relaxing place to visit to learn about the different species that live in Virginia while walking around and being in the middle of nature the whole time.

Next is the American Revolution Museum. This museum is for those who are genuinely interested in the history of the United States and how everything worked in succession to bring us to this day’s United States as everyone knows it. There is so much to learn about the Revolutionary War and how it affected the United States as a whole. The museum is filled with tons of information and if you love American history, then you will absolutely love this museum.

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is a museum that anyone of almost any age can find something to look at and really be in awe. With tons of artifacts from space, aircraft that was actually used, and tons of information about all of the different aviation exhibits, this museum is a truly astonishing place that really puts aviation into perspective. It is not as easy as it looks. Getting to see the complex designs in the different kinds of aircraft used for flight on Earth as well as in space is incredible and really makes you wonder how people could come up with such intricate systems that allow these machines to fly.