Must See Tourist Attractions in Virginia

Virginia has some awesome tourist attractions that I absolutely loved to visit. There are tons of different places to go and they can vary from super old historic landmarks to great modern museums. Once you step foot into one of the more historic places in Virginia you won’t want to leave. The different stories that can be found in many locations are absolutely amazing and you will not leave without having learned something new and interesting about the place or the people that used to be there. But if you are more of a nature person, then there are plenty of parks to go to and hike. With tons of cliffs that have amazing views, you can find some great spots to snap some amazing photos.

One great park is the Shenandoah National Park. With mountains and views that will take your breath away, the green tree views in the warmer months are astonishing. I found myself sitting down at one of the look out points and just looking out for what felt like hours. If you love to sit and look around at nature, then this is definitely a place to check out during your visit to Virginia. Another place for those that enjoy nature to visit is Blue Ridge Parkway. With trails to hike or cycle on, this park is an amazing place to visit in Virginia. The trees have more of an autumn color to them and there are some great waterfalls around the trails, so be sure to look out for those. The pictures that you can get in front of them are great and worth the extra steps to get into a nice spot.

If you are into the historic side of Virginia, then Mount Vernon is an amazing place to visit. Being the home of the first president of the United States, this estate is absolutely gorgeous. It is situated right along the Potomac River and the views from the porch are awesome. Every single room holds an amazing piece of United States history and the experience of walking through the first presidents home is unforgettable. I would highly recommend checking out this estate no matter why you are in Virginia.

Another great tourist attraction in Virginia is the Marine Corps War Memorial. This massive statue is a tribute to the marines and the comrades who fell fighting right next to them. It is an amazing statue that holds so much historic value to the hard-fought war that the United States had to fight through. It is a great reminder of the sacrifice that the marines of that time had to give. It is truly and unforgettable place and I would highly recommend stopping by to honor those who fought but also to look at the amazing talent of the sculptor who crafted this massive statue.

All of these places I have mentioned are great attractions to visit and if you are heading to Virginia, you definitely need to check them out at some point.