Reasons for Why Virginia Is the Best Place for Lovers

Virginia Is the Best Place for Lovers

“Virginia is for lovers” is the slogan for tourism and travel of the state of Virginia. The slogan was adopted in 1969. As there are a lot of romantic places, eateries, and tourist places to explore in Virginia it is not an offense to call Virginia is for lovers. The state has various historical sites, monuments, and battlefields.

Virginia Is the Best Place for Lovers

Natural wonders:

Virginia is home to a wide range of natural landmarks. Some of them are Luray Caverns, Natural Bridge, Natural tunnel state Park, Westmoreland state park, Burkes Garden, Breaks Interstate Park, Great Dismal Swamp, Great Falls Park, and a lot more.


A vast number of wineries and breweries are present in the state of Virginia. The wineries in Virginia are estimated to be around 300 in number. Even the tourist packages to Virginia include winery visits. Some of the famous wineries in Virginia are Ankida Ridge Vineyards, Barboursville, and Blenheim Vineyards.

Scenic Drives Routes:

There are various beautiful drive routes in Virginia, particularly during the fall and spring seasons. Skyline drive is the iconic drive route of Virginia. This road runs through the Shenandoah National Park. It is one of the best verdure drive routes during the fall season. If the tourists get lucky, they can see herds of deer come to the meadows to graze.

Romantic Inns:

Virginia is home to a large number of romantic inns. The guests to these inns can enjoy fantastic views and incredible services. The most luxurious inn, the Goodstone Inn is where most celebrities stay when they are in Virginia. Some of the famous hotels in Virginia are the Clifton Inn, Landsdowne Resort & Spa, Colonial gardens bed and breakfast.

Virginia Beach:

Virginia Beach is the most romantic destination in the state of Virginia. Picnic for Two packages is the best romantic weekend getaway for tourists. The picnic for two baskets contains a bottle of champagne, chocolate dipped strawberries and other items for a picnic. There are a lot of gift shops, restaurants, and entertainment activities on the beach of Virginia.

Art Tour:

An Art Tour to the Chrysler Museum of Art can be greatly helpful to learn about the traditions and cultures of the colonial times. Chrysler Museum is known for its glass artifact collection. There is a glass studio where visitors can watch how artists make glass artifacts.


Abingdon is town located in the southwest part of Virginia. This town offers a lot of fantastic sceneries and luxury inns. The Virginia Creeper Trail is one adventurous activity that most couples enjoy at Abingdon.