The Best Hiking Trails in Virginia

If you are taking a trip to Virginia and hiking is one of the things that you want to do, then this list of hiking trails is for you. Sure, this will all depend on where you are staying in the state and what your capabilities are as a hiker, but there is something for everyone here on this list. The only research that you may have to do a little bit more of is on the weather. Certain trails may not be the most fun to walk around on if the winds are strong or if the weather is supposed to be freezing cold. These different trails range from super steep to moderate and easy. Whether you want a relaxing hike with great views or a difficult hike with a rewarding summit view, there is something on this list for you.

First up is the Hawksbill Mountain. With a wide variety of trails to choose from, this mountain is home to some of the best hiking trails that I have walked and climbed in Virginia. With super steep trails and moderate trails all around, there is a view to find on almost every single one. And when I say view, there is a very nice place somewhere on that trail that looks so good it will make you just want to sit down and look at it for hours.

Mary’s Rock is a very popular hike and has a moderate hike as well as a very challenging hike. The nature around these trails is awesome and during summer and autumn the trees look fabulous. We were told by one of our guides in Virginia that this hike, if you reach the summit, is worth it if you go right before sunset, because the mountains in the distance really make the sun glow over the terrain.

Stony Man is a relatively easy hiking trail that has some great views without any of the challenging steeps trail bits. Again, the surrounding terrain from the views is fabulous and this trail is one that you will be taking tons of pictures on.

If you want a tougher hike with very challenging steep climbs, then Dragon’s Tooth is the trail for you. This is a very popular trail for people that are avid hikers that love a great challenge, and the valley view that you get to look at once you climb for a bit is worth every drop of sweat that you have to give to reach that point. It is a truly stunning panoramic view that looks amazing.

McAfee Knob is one of the best places to take pictures on, hands down. This trail is so cool. The ways that the rocks have formed over time look incredible and the vast view of the distant mountains is insane. If you reach the summit, you will see every mountain all around you for miles, and it is worth every step of the challenge that the trail is.